Namaste Warm Greetings,

This is a matter of great pleasure to share some words with our valuable clients about Nepal TrekWays Pvt Ltd. The main objective of our company is to create job for local people by using local resources to uplift their living standard. We expect to employ Nepalese youngster in tourism so that they can support themselves for health, education and quality life.

Although Nepal has abundant natural and human resources, due to lack of proper access to the world market, they are still destined to remain unused. As a result, the Nepali economy has been suffering unfathomable loss coercing people live under extreme poverty who, as a result, are deprived of basic needs like- nutritious food, proper clothes, shelter, education and health.

Today, most Nepalese, both educated and uneducated, finally wind up their pursuit in Nepal to rather take an unpleasant journey to Gulf Country to win bread for their family.

We believe that the immediate remedy of the present socio-economic crisis is only through the development of tourism. Therefore, we are committed to make proper use of what Nepal is so rich. As such, Nepal has wonderful geographical features to attract international tourist. The plain granary of Nepal is irrigated by the perennials from the mountain scaling up to 8848 meter. Nepal’s amazing topography which rises from just 60 meter to 8848 meter above the sea level within less than 200 kilometers fosters incredible diversity in human settlement. There are 125 different groups of ethnic people with their own dialect and way of life. Similarly, there are Flora and Fauna common in sub-Tropical Evergreen low land to high altitude Trundra Alpine. So, this amazing fact draws Nepal Travel and Trek in the list of a-must-to-do-in-life list.

At last, our conclusion is that your trip in Nepal will not only give you a unique holiday experience but also you would be doing a good karma at the same time.

Always extending warm welcome..

Come and experience Nepal,

Experience Nepali Hospitality,

And the ambience of Spiritualism,

It is naturally once is not enough!

Managing Director
Hari Sharan Bhuju