Testimonial - One day’s experience with Local

2 Great Days in Kathmandu I'd booked 2 extra days at the start of my holiday and was expecting to be a part of a group of 12, how lucky I was that I was the only one on the trip so I got Hari all to myself to show me round his great city. He was very punctual on both days and we hit it off straight away, he was very warm and friendly and I loved being with Hari as he showed me the "real" Kathmandhu visiting a locals cafe for breakfast and a lovely cake stall too that the locals frequent as I didn't want to go to the "tourist" traps. I am a serious Travel Photographer so Hari adapted the trip so I could get to capture some great scenes and I'm known for taking a LOT of photos but Hari was very patient in waiting and letting me do my stuff, he even knew a friend who owned an art shop near a crowded Temple but who also had a superb of a rooftop view out across the city, not only did he take me up through the shop for a superb view but we got to enjoy some ice cold beers whilst we sat and chatted and admired the views away from the masses of tourists - a great experience. We used public transport on the first day but this proved to be difficult as all the vehicles were overfull with locals so the 2nd day Hari was "resourceful" in coming up with a better plan of how we could get around the city - can't say too much but it was great fun and I loved it! We spent a lot of time watching the Funerals at the Ghats and his knowledge and explanation of what was happening at each stage made it all the more interesting. I'd recommend Hari as a Guide anyday - a lovely man amongst a country full of lovely , happy people - I'll be back to Nepal one day and will definitely be hooking up with Hari for a beer or 2 when I do! All the very best Hari

Paul Thwaites - England