Nepal has been globally connected since 1951 through diplomatic and tourism Channel. However, it is still basically a very traditional and religious society, especially in rural areas. The Nepalese are very gullible and they are humble to tourist (Guests for Nepalese). You will be treated very specially, but we request that you respect the local culture. Please consider the following points:  

* Wear long, loose shorts, trousers or skirts, and T-shirts, not tight or revealing shorts or tops. 

* Full or partial nudity is unacceptable. Wear swimsuits or sarong when bathing outdoors. 

* Overt displays of affection between men and women are scorned. 

* Leave your shoes outside a home, monastery or temple. (Please ask before entering a Hindu shrine or temple, as many are closed to non-Hindus.) 

* Most Hindus cannot eat food that has been touched by a foreigner. 

* Do not throw rubbish into a cooking fire or household hearth. 

* Never touch a Hindu or Buddha's head, or point the soles of your feet or a single finger at a person or shrine. 

* Walk clockwise around temples and shrines. 

* Lord Shiva and Lord Buddha are the exemplary for begging. So, begging is not considered bad and does not always reflect poverty. Begging is in fact considered one of the spiritual aspect (over coming of ego). However, you are advised to use your discreet before giving alms. We specially suggest you not to spoil the children! 

* Some Nepalese like having their photo taken and others don't. The children and elder people usually expected some rupees for being photographed. So, always ask before taking pictures! 

* To be late by 15 minutes to the appointed time is considered normal. ( not always)