Nepal Buddhist culture tour

Monastery life experience Holiday

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  • Dates: Daily
  • Best Season: March/April/ September/October
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Trekking Days: 3 Days
  • Grade: Medium
  • Commences At: Buddhanilkantha
  • Ends At: Namo Buddha
  • Code: NPMLE

There are over two hundred Buddhist monasteries in Kathmandu Valley only. The monasteries accommodate Buddhist monks. The monks practice Buddhism under the instruction of experienced spiritual Master called Rinpoche. The monks have a unique habitual activity in the monastery. In the certain Tibetan culture, the second boy of every parent is offered to the monastery. So, you will meet a very small boy- monk to elderly experienced monks. They are extremely inspiring for their gentleness and compassion. It is possible to meet them and watch their spiritual attitude closely.


Here, we have designed this route to make it possible for you to enjoy the surrounding rural heritage while accommodating first and last day at such Buddhist monasteries. 


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Your deserve to be Happy!!!Nepal is the ultimate destination for people who are looking for spiritual solace. Here, after consulting with the concerned masters, we have come up with this specially designed itinerary that can literally bless you with the spiritual energy and keep you happy ever after.