Discover Nepal’s remote shrines

Discover Nepal’s remote shrines

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  • Dates: Daily
  • Best Season: March/April/ September/October
  • Duration: 8 Days
  • Trekking Days: 1 Days
  • Grade: Medium
  • Commences At: Melamchi
  • Ends At: Pokhara
  • Code: NPDNR

The mystic land of Nepal has been a holy abode of docile Buddhist people who are supposed to have migrated to Nepal form Tibetan plateau. They walked through high passes in the mountain and carried out Trans-Himalayan trading with the help of yaks. Their world remained unknown to the world until trekking expeditions took place under tourism activities. The discovery of their village behind the mountains stunned us.


As a Tibetan origin people, they practice Buddhism. They made Chortens and Monastries there and followed Buddhism quietly. Today, it is possible to visit those remote villages to observe their primitive lifestyle in backdrop of enchanting mountains. 

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  • 8 days
  • Price: best price guaranteed

Buddhist path tour is for the spiritual follower. Nepal is still a popular destination for many spiritualists. The vibrant culture and mystique of spiritualism shower blessing on people.

Spiritual Nepal Tour

  • 10 days
  • Price: best price guaranteed

Your deserve to be Happy!!!Nepal is the ultimate destination for people who are looking for spiritual solace. Here, after consulting with the concerned masters, we have come up with this specially designed itinerary that can literally bless you with the spiritual energy and keep you happy ever after.