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Everest porters - The Himalayan Sisyphus

What is the most strenuous job for you?

From Everest Base Camp trail

Yaks and Mules with creaking load on their back is one of the most heart rending sights you confront while trekking in the rugged trail of Nepalese mountain. You get to see a number of caravans carrying the heavy stuffs endlessly. A yak or mule can carry 60 kg. It is sad that those animals are destined to struggle along such tough and dangerous trails. If you look into their eyes, you will surely pity on their fate.  However, the next moment when you see human ( the porters) strapping 120 kg on their back along the same route, you will be compelled to forget the animal's woe ! A porter is paid 60 Nepalese Rupees per kg. Unless they can lift over 100 kg, there is not much rewards!

The porters often remind me the fate of Sisyphus. He  was forced to roll a massive boulder up a steep hill, only for it to roll back down each time he neared the top, condemning him to repeat this labor for eternity. Sisyphus and his punishment became a symbol of the endless struggle and futility of human existence. Although it applies in everyone's case, when you compare your back pack with their stuff you will definitely agree that you are far more fortunate. .