Far Western Region Trekking

Far Western Nepal is literally isolated and situated in a far cry region brooding incredibly enchanting virgin lands rich with mystic landscape, mountain views, Serene Rara Lake and indigenous population scattered thinly over the area. Thus, Far-Western Nepal offers many unexplored far and remote region. It offers the beauty of ancient culture, traditions, wilderness and flora & fauna. Most of the areas of this region are isolated from the outer world and only a few trekkers have ventured here so far. Compared to Nepal's more popular trekking regions, this region offers the feeling of real Nepal with its "rural traditions" and "undisturbed heritage". The history and anthropology of Far-Western Nepal is complex and fascinating. The region is predominantly Hindu but Tibetans makes up a small part of the population and yet have a significant influence on the area through trading. Trekking into this region offers serious trekkers an opportunity to explore the country's long preserved secrets: snow-covered glaciers, hidden valleys, medieval villages, spectacular lakes, Buddhist Monasteries, flora and fauna and cultural diversities. Only fully supported camping treks provide access to this remote region and requires a special permit which costs higher than permits for other regions

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