Sadhu Baba

Holy Man, the Hindu Sadhu Baba


Who are Holymen?

The Hindu holy men are also known as Sadhu Baba or Baba or Santa or Mahatma etc. They are known for their rigorous ascetic life.

The secret of Babas is something most of the westerners are curious about to know. The Western travelers find it really very confronting to see the Sadhu Babas, also known as Hindu Holy men in Nepal and India.

The Sadhus’ spiritual journey begins from symmetry in persuade of enlightenment. A typical Babas are normally found in naked/semi naked with long deadlocked hair and beard, remarkably painted forehead, pierced ears and number of chains of bead (called Rudrakchhya). The other features could be a long forceps and a vase ( Chimta and Kamandalu) that they carry with while outing for alms. And for accommodation, they managed to adjust in a small hut (Ashram) where they mandatorily set a permanent fire (Dhooni).

Obviously, there are number of myths, assumption and illusions about the significance of their lives. This article is based on the writer’s personal experience (Sat Sang), witnesses and interviews.

When do they become Baba?

It is a different story depending on person to person. Some starts at their early age because they are inborn spiritualist; some follow the lines after twisting tragedy in life while others gradually grow inclined to it out of sheer interest in spiritualism. It means some Babas have family and some don’t have.

Why do they become Baba?

A very simple answer is:  in search of meaning of life (the ultimate truth). There are number of people who are distinctly curious to spiritual aspects of life. They are interested to learn what different spiritual teachers (Gurus) talk about life, universe and the existence of life and at the same time spend most of their time pondering on the secret of life- its sorrows and happiness. However, very few of them are consistent and persevere to unbolt their questions. The quest eventually leads to the utter realization of the ultimate truth that EVERYTHING IS IMPERMANENT. The realization has to be so deep and strong that they can renounce the mundane world and adopt the holy life.

Can holy men have family?

Yes. Most holy men have family (Grihasti Jeevan). The philosophy of the Hindu religion insists on successful accomplishment of family life. They have categorized life into four stages – Baal, Ashram, Grihasti and Sanyas (infant, student, family and renouncement). Indeed, a successful family life certifies a person as a successful one. Someone who has failed in organizing family life is unlikely to be successful in rest of things.

Are there some fake holy men?

Very simple! A true holy man is more inclined to giving. Generosity and simplicity is their characteristic. A graceful personality he is, who has nothing to share but unconditional love and peace;  who has a compassionate approach to all the living being and leads his own life denying all the attachment to physical comfort – an exemplary of a complete egolessness!

Do all the Babas take Marijuana?

Of course not! Unlike the rumor, most holy men do no use marijuana. It is believed that the use of it can enhance in proper meditation. But, the fact is when one is into meditation; no such addictive stuff is required. Since meditation helps one to detach from the worldly pleasure, the use of marijuana cannot be the feature of Babas.

Where do we find the real Babas?

Diamonds are often hidden in between the coals! The true search of knowledge is possible only when it is possible to dive deep down rather than only floating in the surface. In the same way, an hour or a couple of hours ‘tour may not bless you with the chance to meet the genuine Babas. In the beginning, you may only see easily available ones who are ready to give you poses for photography and ask for a Dollar! But, the gunuine Babas who completely detached from mundane world do starkly contrast to the one who would give you pose for photo. The true babas are the one who live beyond duality and hence attain the level of supreme consciousness. Hari Aum!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where do the real Babas live then?

Definitely, the genuine Babas are never after your Dollar. Instead, they don’t care any show business. But they are definitely available if you are a truth seeker, in search of love and humble to mankind. They live in Ashram often close by cemetery, temple or in the mountain caves. Hundreds and Thousands of Western Tourist visit Pashupati Nath in Kathmandu with the purpose to meet holy men. There are number of holy sadhu residing in the cementery ground of holy Pashupati.


What do the Babas do?

A million dollar question!

Satsang, , Yoga, meditation, be humble and Love to all…………are the activities they do.

Satsang:  “Sat” is truth or goodness and Sang is a group. So Satsang means circle of good people. In Satsang, your objective is to find the ultimate goodness that is God himself through good connection with good people. When you are in Satsang, you feel the vibrant of positive feeling. Which helps you to feel the Bhramha, the supreme Soul?

Yoga: The holy men are known for their exquisite skill of Yoga. The experienced Sadhus can do 84 different yoga Postures.


Meditation: They are familiar with Chakra meditation. Our Body has 7 main energy point known as Chakras. The genuine holy men are in practice to activate all the Chakras making it possible to recognize or learn Bhrama (Supreme Soul).

Humbleness and love: The holy men are very generous, compassionate and loving to all living things.