Manasalu Trek with Nar Phu and Thorang La Pass

Only for Adventure minded!     
Nar and Phu villages are part of Manang district. Its remoteness justifies the fact that even the neighboring villagers were stunned to know about their existence.
The valleys situated over 4000 thousand meter are still fertile for millet and oat and the alpine Tundra vegetation is appropriate for Yak and Sheep. Life is hard but full of satisfaction. The Buddhist Chorten and Monastery are the testimony of Buddhism in practice. The ultimate goal of life is Nirvana, here too.
Trails are rocky and hard of course but well-trodden by the gentle steps of the monks!
For many, it is hard to believe that there could be human settlement above 4,000 m from sea level amidst the snowcapped mountain. Yet the stranger part is that they make their livelihood from agriculture and animal husbandry. This unbelievable myth is a common fact in Nepal.
Nepal, where the northern board to Tibet is all Himalayans stretching 1414.88 km from west to east is a home for many Nomad Tibetan-origin Himalayan people who find it cozy to make their nest in the valley surrounded bysnowcapped mountains.
To cut it short, a visit to such villages is normally challenging but a true adventure lovers would find it luring as a-must-do holiday in life.
If you are still determined to scroll down to read further, we believe that you are one of those adventurous souls.
Some travellers prefer to take a road not taken by most. In that case, well known treks like Mt. Everest Base Camp TrekAnnapurna Base camp Trek orLangtang region or any other popular trekking trails may not fall in their Bucket. Since those trekking trail are preferred by most trekkers, the trails and tea house often get crowded. In contrast, the trekking in remote area likeManasalu CircuitNar PhuTsum ValleyMakaluUpper Mustang etc remain quiet and calm.

Definitely, the travellers get more entertainments, more close to the local and free to walk around.